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An article written by Seven Days writes:

Morrisville's Stone Grill Restaurant & Pub went stone cold in April, serving its final meal toward the end of the month. Since opening several years ago, the restaurant had struggled to fill its seats. So the closure may not have surprised locals still mourning the passing of the late, great Charlmont, which had occupied the same space, in various iterations, since 1964. But the real surprise was what came next.

Last Saturday, May 23, chef Steve Benson, who owned the Charlmont from 1980 to 1998, resurrected the beloved restaurant. "The community is ecstatic," Benson says. "I've had more hugs from customers saying, 'Thank you, we're so glad you're back' than I ever could have imagined."

Since closing the Charlmont, Benson has opened Melben's in Morrisville and Rick's Grill in Milton, and cooked at Stowe's the Shed and other restaurants. Now, he says, he's brought back a lot of the restaurant's old-school flavor. That includes his homemade bread recipe, a salad bar and many Charlmont favorites, including clam chowder, baked haddock, Friday-night fish fries and prime rib dinner buffets. Benson says he's sourcing his fish from Stowe Seafood and as much produce and beef as he can from local farms, particularly in the warmer months.

The Charlmont is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Sunday. Weekend mornings bring brunch buffets with omelettes cooked to order. In the next few weeks, Benson says, he'll open a downstairs lounge called the Charlmont Pub, which could host live music and other events.

"I was already here for 18 years," he says, "and the Charlmont's an icon. People still called it the Charlmont even when it was the Stone Grill." Now the name will fit again.

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